Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Clarification on STIFORP global homebased business from a Successful women - Adriana Gibson

There was a question about this STIFORP training from one of the Member, who is interested in global homebased business. ...
May I ask you a question?... How many paid members do you now have in your down-line?
I join STIFORP just 37 days ago and I ONLY have 2 Personally Sponsored Paid Members, but I have MANY MORE Paid Members showing up, all the way down on my 8th level as of today, 9/11/2011.
The "SPILL-OVER" from this MASSIVE WORLD-WIDE GROWTH is simply amazing! In the 29 years I've been in network marketing, I can honestly say that this STIFORP Business will help not just thousands of people but probably millions in the years to come. The "SPILL-OVER" in this business is very real, powerful, and profitable! In all my years of networking I have not been able to say that about any other company.
I can see that it will only get better and more profitable for EVERYONE that takes action by becoming a PAID MEMBER in Our World-Wide United STIFORP Team!
This experience and testimonial will be my best recruiting tool. This is exciting and it motivates me to put much more effort into this STIFORP BUSINESS!
I've been in this networking industry for many years and I have hundreds of personal contacts that will want to join STIFORP... I'm going to be installing lots people in the "Tell-a-Friend" tool and calling them to
activate their pre-enrolled positions. I know it works because that's how I got my first paid members started... I'm fired up to say the least!
You're a very good example of a Team Leader... and I want to thank you for your support.
Please continue sending me updates and marketing information that helps build our STIFORP TEAMS.

Go to type the e-mail you used to enroll and sign up!!. Be part of a team that is signing up hundreds a days
the spill over is a reality. If you are driven, and can understand the opportunity before your eye!, come and join us us.
Make money with us, with teams in Argentina, Morocco, Peru, Spain, India, Colombia, Australia and Portugal.
Look, most of us know this simple reality :OPPORTUNITY. TIMING AND THE RIGHT COMPANY are seldom together at the same time.
Take advantage of this like a i did  and make money beyond your expectaions!.
Adriana Gibson
Skype: adriana_gibson                    with my adorable grandkids
This is really interesting.. Please visit our blog site:
and enroll here, we along with our team here to support you..

or for further clarifications please reach @ 760-600-0951      
Skype: adriana_gibson  

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